Who We Are

Cherokee has been well-known for comfort and fashion since 1972. Recent nationwide surveys rank Cherokee in the top ten strongest brands for women’s apparel. This ready-to-wear heritage has shaped the way we approach designing and manufacturing medical uniforms and accessories and has helped the brand become the overwhelming favorite of healthcare workers in the United States.

We are dedicated to bringing the fashion, comfort and quality of the ready-to-wear market to the functional apparel worn by healthcare professionals.

You may have already noticed how Cherokee products bring a little more style and personality to uniforms without sacrificing the functionality you need to do your job. Here are a few highlights:

  • New designs — We are always creating new fashions and bringing the best designs from ready-to-wear to uniforms. Check out our “What’s New” section to see the latest introductions.
  • The most beautiful prints — We work with artists to create a broad array of exclusive designs- from florals to geometrics to conversational prints.
  • Fun and warmth — Through our Tooniforms line we have assembled the industry’s foremost collection of world-famous characters (including SpongeBob SquarePants, Precious Moments, Hello Kitty, Betty Boop, Looney Tunes, Peanuts, Scooby-Doo!, Blues Clues, Garfield and many more).
  • Quality — We work with a nationwide panel of nurses who give us feedback on new products and industry trends. Also, we test all of our garments before they are manufactured with the highest quality standards.

We also realize that no uniform is complete without, perhaps, the most important comfort element – shoes. Our Cherokee Footwear, designed specifically for healthcare workers, feature the most-advanced comfort technologies combined with the great fashion you expect from Cherokee. At Cherokee, we understand that you spend so much of the day on your feet. Cherokee Footwear is specially designed to give you exceptional support and comfort, all shift long.

We’d love to hear any suggestions you have for making our products better. Contact us.