Communication Tools

Here are tools to help you invite your audiences to recognize exceptional service, sacrifice and innovation within your institution.

By participating, you can help your association, nursing school or employer earn a $1000 grant! To do this, we recommend that you print out the flyer and poster below and write at the bottom any further instructions you have for your audiences, and distribute. (To download these tools, right click on the desired tool and save target as or simply click and save.)

To help you communicate the most effective message, see the Audience-Specific Tips below.

Audience-Specific Tips

These tips will help ensure that your organization is named on 200 or more nominations, qualifying it to receive a unrestricted $1,000 grant from Cherokee Uniforms. (Don’t forget… those nominated don’t have to be affiliated with your organization.)

To help you get the credit you deserve for nominations, write/type the answer to the question on the paper nomination form – “Your association, nursing school or employer may be eligible to win a grant based on the number of nominations we receive. Whom would you like to receive credit for this nomination?” – and then distribute photocopies to your audience.

Schools of Nursing:

  • Distribute flyers, paper nomination forms and email to every instructor in your School of Nursing and to your Nursing Club with instructions to distribute to students.
  • Hang poster in high-traffic areas frequented by your nursing students.

Healthcare Employers:

  • Provide a flyer and nomination form to every nursing and department manager with instructions to distribute to all clinical employees.
  • Hang poster in employee cafeteria, HR department, nursing administration areas, and break rooms.
  • Insert flyer and 2-sided nomination form with paychecks.
  • Encourage patients (especially at time of discharge) to nominate your non-physician clinical staff by completing a nomination form.
  • Photocopy the 2-page award nomination form to appear as a 1-sheet, 2-sided form, then place the form at check-in and check-out counters.


  • Invite members to nominate – by placing an electronic link on your website’s homepage
  • Place a story in your communication vehicles (email to members, newsletters, magazines, etc.)
  • Mail a nomination form and a flyer to each of your members.
  • Distribute flyers and nomination forms at association meetings, board meetings and conventions.