2013 National Winner, Registered Nurse

Eagle, Nebraska resident recognized as exceptional health professional

Cherokee Uniforms announced today that Laurie Ketterl, RN and nurse manager at Bryan Medical Center, is a winner of its 11th annual Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award. Ketterl is among six care providers across the country to be named a national award winner, selected for their impact on the lives of

others through extraordinary patient care, sacrifice and innovation while serving as an inspiration to others. Ketterl is a national Inspired Comfort Award winner in the Registered Nurse category.

“Laurie is continually challenging her staff to think outside the box to provide excellent care to our patients,” said Beckie Trevino, an assistant nurse manager at Bryan Medical Center and Ketterl’s nominator.

Ketterl’s innovative thinking and compassion were demonstrated earlier this year when a critically ill new mother was separated from her premature baby, delivered at just 29 weeks, who remained in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Knowing that the mother, who had never seen her son, would soon be entering into a life-saving surgery, Ketterl was determined to reunite the family. And she did it through the use of technology — two iPads.

Ketterl used her personal iPad and quickly coordinated with the NICU nurses so they too had an iPad. Just before the mother went into surgery, Laurie set up a video call for the mother and child.

“Laurie held the iPad close and the mom was able to kiss her baby on the forehead via the LIVE screen. The baby kicked as his mom kissed him…no one in the rooms thought this was a coincidence,” said Trevino. “Being on the ventilator, the patient could not talk, but she looked at Laurie and mouthed ‘thank you’”. The hospital’s foundation was so impressed with Ketterl’s innovative, quick thinking that it funded iPads for the NICU.

The Inspired Comfort Award recognizes the significant contributions of professionals like Laurie while reinforcing the vital role these professions play in keeping Americans healthy.

“Cherokee is thrilled to recognize Laurie Ketterl for her dedication, compassion and innovation in providing exceptional care. She joins all of this year’s winners as a model for providing outstanding patient care, as well as inspiration to her peers,” said Michael Singer, Chief Executive Officer of Cherokee Uniforms. “We are proud to honor Laurie for turning a moment of sorrow into great joy.”

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Laurie Ketterl, RN, BSN

Laurie Ketterl, RN, BSN