2010 National Winner, Registered Nurse Category

Peggy Matthews

Recipient:Peggy Matthews
Job Title:Medsurge Registered Nurse
Employer:Mothodist Fayette Hospital
Location:Somerville, Tennessee
Nominated By:Janet Hunt

Peggy Matthews, RN experienced the loss of her father in late 2008 in a inpatient hospice room at a Memphis hospital. After her bereavement leave, she returned to work in our small rural setting with a passion for end-of-life care.

She approached me one day about the need for an “end-of-life” room for our patients and families. We chose the room with the nicest view and decided to convert it into a patient and family-centered room for those who were entering the final stages of life. Peggy immediately went into action turning a somewhat cold hospital room into a warmer, more homelike environment. She painted the walls and doors a warm color and tastefully stenciled the walls with willow trees and leaves. She purchased light fixtures and had a leather oversized chair and couch donated to the room. She also purchased lamps and bedside tables for the patient and families’ comfort. She painted the patient’s bathroom and purchased a matching shower curtain. She also purchased beautiful artwork and bath accessories to complete the room. Our hospital covered the floor in a warm wood laminate and a donation of a TV with DVR was made as well. We also contacted a local quilting club who now donates beautiful lap quilts for our patient’s use. These quilts are then taken home by the patient’s families to keep as a family treasure.

The room was completed in 2009 and is simply amazing! We have named the room “Peggy’s Room” in honor of her tireless, completely-voluntary work and innovation of our “end-of-life” room. Families have commented on how peaceful the room made them feel as their loved ones went through the journey of death.

I am proud to nominate Peggy Matthews, RN for the 2010 Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award.

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Peggy Matthews

Peggy Matthews