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Roseanne Warner, RN, MSN, WHNP

Award Nomination

Roseanne Warner, an Air Force Nurse Practitioner, and the Deputy Commander of a military hospital should be honored. There were a couple of events in 2007 that just are "par for the course" if you ask Roseanne but really do stand out. Last March 2007, she was flying back overseas when they asked for a nurse or doctor on the plane. Even though she was exhausted, Roseanne responded and was brought to an older woman who was in need of her diabetic medicine but had none. The woman's older daughter had a glucometer that didn't work, and had forgotten the medication. By this time they were over the Atlantic on the way to Europe. The glucometers on board didn't work and Roseanne was able to rally the passengers not only for a working glucometer, but also clean strips, clean needles and even insulin. She contributed some of her own money to buy the insulin from one of the passengers who insisted on selling (instead of giving) their medicine. She spent the entire flight caring for this elderly woman and ensuring she educated her daughter on the disease as well as kept her blood sugar stable. Later she received a thank you letter from the airlines on her efforts to stabilize this person and keep the trip on schedule. The very next month, in Apr 2007, Roseanne heard that her child's teacher was missing an important school trip due to not feeling well. She decided to call this person even though it was 0730 on a Sunday and they had only talked briefly prior to this event. The person did not sound right to her—she said her instincts were warning her and she insisted on going to find this person (she didn't even know where they lived) and checking on them. What she found was a severely sick individual with meningitis and she rushed them to the hospital. She was told that had she not called on this person, insisted on finding them, and bringing them in to the ER that they would have died. She stayed with them the entire day and the staff thought she was a family member. This person was hospitalized almost a month. If you ask Roseanne she would say "This is what people do" but I think it's a step above.

Later in 2007 two articles were written about her—one article in Advance for Nurse Practitioners which chronicled her amazing career so far and one in LifeLines which is the magazine for the Medical University of South Carolina which called her one of the leaders in nursing with a "Lens for Service". They had different "Lens" and the one for Service was matched to Roseanne. I think that describes her perfectly and it was rewarding to see that of the alumni they honored they felt she set the example of service on a leadership level. Roseanne never rests. She is always working on the next project or focusing on ways to improve healthcare.

Roseanne is an inspiration to so many nurses not only in the military where she has been in many different countries helping those in need but in civilian life as well. She received the New Mexico Award for Clinical Excellence due to her work in the community when she was assigned there for two years and was honored at the AANP convention that I attended with her in 2006. She has been a speaker many times and is speaking just this month at the closing ceremony for National Women's History Month. She plans to talk about her Vision and path as an AF Nurse Practitioner. She was the Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Consultant to the AF Surgeon General for 5 years accomplishing many great things in health care for deployed women. In short, Roseanne is your Inspiration. She has served her country for 23 years, she has led change in the military, and she would give her last dime to help anyone.

I came to the Cherokee site to buy Roseanne a new lab coat since she was recently promoted. I'm glad I did since I saw your call for submissions. We are in the Air Force assigned to a military base in Italy but can easily get back to the states if you pick this amazing nurse.

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