Stephen Moulton - 2007 Inspired Comfort Award Winner

2007 Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award Grand Prize Winner – Student Nurse Category

Award Story

Louisiana Student Nurse Exemplifies Caring and Patient Advocacy

While most students are consumed with reading, writing assignments and studying for exams, Stephen Moulton devotes most of his time to the hospital setting, caring for people in remarkable and profound ways. During Moulton's clinical rotation at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, he demonstrated both a passion for nursing and dedication to his patients.

Moulton is one of only 10 people nationwide receiving the prestigious Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award in 2007. The award is granted annually by Cherokee Uniforms to recognize nurses and other non-physician healthcare professionals who demonstrate exceptional service, sacrifice and innovation and have a positive impact on others' lives. This is the 5th year the leading designer and manufacturer of healthcare apparel has honored inspirational caregivers.                           

"Nursing allows me to feel like I have accomplished something every day," says Mouton."Nothing makes me happier than being able to stand at a patient's bedside soothing their aches, teaching them vital information, making them smile or just being a calming presence in an otherwise stressful setting."

From military service to construction work to being a parts distributor nothing has given me the sense of satisfaction that I get when helping someone out in their most desperate hour.

During his labor and delivery rotation at a New Orleans hospital, Moulton impressed his instructor the most with his commitment to the patients, particularly with a young woman and her newborn son who had just been born at 19 weeks gestation. The mother had only learned the day before that she was pregnant. Despite the hospital's efforts, the baby was not healthy and was not given much time to live. When Moulton was told that the baby still had a beating heart, he requested to care for him. Since every room was occupied, he rolled the baby's crib into the utility room and wrapped the infant in a warm blanket. While the instructor went to find the mother, Moulton stayed behind swaddling the baby, not allowing the child to die alone.

Shortly after, Moulton took the infant to his mother so that she could see her child one last time. Though there was nothing he could do to save the baby, Moulton knew that giving the child to the mother was the right decision. 

"The most important thing I try to teach is the art of caring and advocating for one's patients. That day in clinical, Stephen epitomized those concepts of caring and advocacy. I was, and still am, so proud of him," said Marirose Bernard, Mouton's instructor who nominated him for the award.

As a Grand Prize Winner in the award's Student Nurse category, Moulton receives an all-expense-paid Caribbean cruise for two, a crystal award and a wardrobe of Cherokee healthcare apparel. He also will appear in the nationally distributed Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award 2008 calendar.

Since the Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award was established in 2003, more than 5,300 healthcare professionals have been nominated in the Registered Nurse, Advanced Practice Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse, Student Nurse, and Non-Physician Healthcare Professional categories. A panel of nursing professionals and Cherokee representatives evaluates nominations and grants the awards.

For every nomination received in 2007, Cherokee Uniforms donated $1 to national health-centered charities. The total amount was divided equally among the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and the Alzheimer's Association. Since 2005, Cherokee has donated over $3,300. Proceeds from Cherokee Uniforms products support healthcare professionals through initiatives such as the Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award, an annual calendar and the A Nurse I Am Film and Scholarship Program. Cherokee Uniforms will be accepting nominations for the 2008 Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award beginning March 1, 2008 through May 31, 2008.

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