Registered Nurses (RNs)
Grand Prize Winner - Susan Fleming, RN
(Washington State University Intercollegiate College of Nursing, Spokane, WA)
"RN Overcomes Disability to Become Inspiration to Nursing Community"
Born with only one hand, Susan was selected as the top winner for her relentless determination to become and serve as a nurse as well as her advocacy for nurses with physical challenges. She is a shining example to other nurses and students with disability and an inspiration to all.
PDF Articles:
The Spokesman-Review Oct. 2004
Minority Nurse Winter 2005
"Daily, she demonstrates that a career in nursing is possible in spite of a physical limitation."
Nominated by: Donna Maheady
Exceptional service, sacrifice and innovation describe Susan Fleming, RN, BSN perfectly.

Susan has been a registered nurse for many years. Born with a missing hand, her determination to become a nurse was tireless. She was rejected from the first nursing program she applied to...but that didn't stop her. She applied at another school and was accepted, graduated with honors and went on to work at various hospitals.

Susan uses innovation in her nursing practice every day. She uses personal innovation when starting IVs, giving injections and catheterizing patients with one hand. She serves as a role model for other students and nurses with disabilities. She advocates by writing articles and serves as a board member of Daily, she demonstrates that a career in nursing is possible in spite of a physical limitation.

Susan's nursing care is exceptional in every way – compassionate and caring. This past year, Susan went on a medical mission trip to South America where she worked to provide care to some of the poorest and neediest patients in the world. In addition, she volunteers at her church visiting the sick and needy. This award could not go to a more deserving nurse!