Registered Nurses (RNs)
National Winner - Mary McRae, CCRN, MSN
(Central Maine Medical Center, Lewiston, ME )
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Sun Journal Oct. 2004
Central Maine Medical Family
Nominated by: Erin Pendexter, RN

Mary McRae is one of the most powerful influences in my life, second only to God and my father. Mary lives life to its fullest and inspires us to do the same; she has a profound faith, and finds the good in all things. Mary has worked on the cardiopulmonary acute care unit in many roles, most recently clinical coordinator. She nurtures all the staff, encouraging them to strive for nursing excellence, bringing compassionate healing to our patients. Our nursing unit received “Best Nursing Award 2004” for recruitment, retention and education from Advance for Nurses, thanks to Mary.

Mary taught me the importance of creating a healing patient environment, so inner strengths and resources are mobilized within, for the work of healing. Sonia was a lovely young woman admitted to our floor with a crippling disease. She lived on our nursing unit for two years. Mary cared for her like her own child, nursing her open painful wounds, massaging her crippled arms and legs, and giving hope to her wish to live like a healthy young lady. The day Sonia died Mary had arranged for her family to be at her side, but it was Mary and Ruth that dressed her, painted her nails, washed her hair, and allowed Sonia to die as she had lived, with dignity and love.
"Mary gives generously from her heart, to her patients, families, colleagues, and community."

Mary has a passion for nursing and promotes that daily. Nursing is a difficult and exhausting profession that requires the ultimate in teamwork. On the days Mary works, she goes around and helps everyone finish up, so we can all leave our patients in fine shape for the oncoming shift, and we leave together promoting that important team environment. She is an amateur photographer and has taken some poignant pictures of patients and nurses to promote the nursing profession. One of our favorites is of two hands; a 103-year-old woman’s hand and one of our nurse’s hands. She also holds glamour shot sessions at her home for the staff and their families as a team building activity.

Mary McRae is a highly skilled and educated registered nurse; she holds her baccalaureate degree and her certification for critical care nursing. Mary gives generously from her heart, to her patients, families, colleagues, and community. She has adopted a low-income apartment building that houses 100 residents and provides them with potluck dinners, bingo games, free clothing and other necessities on a regular basis. She transmits love and compassion by serving the world and is a glorious gift to the nursing profession and an aging society.