Non-Physician Healthcare Professionals

Top National Prize Winner - Julie Slowiak, CMA
(Luther-Midelfort, Eau Claire, WI)
"Certified Medical Assistant Boosts Training to Better Assist Citizens and Patients in Local Community"
With dual degrees as a certified medical assistant and medical office specialist, training as a patient safety coach, CPR instructor and EMS volunteer, Julie has made it her mission to further her training to fill needs that arise within the hospital and her surrounding community.
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Julie Slowiak is a bright, and energetic colleague of mine. While raising a young family and working as a health unit coordinator in the hospital, she took the time to further her education by obtaining training to become a certified medical assistant and a medical office specialist.
"Julie is cheerful, open to change, eager to learn, a compassionate listener, and willing to help."
At work Julie is cheerful, open to change, eager to learn, a compassionate listener, and willing to help. A good example of her willingness to assist others is the time an elderly adult came to her and indicated that he was having difficulty finding his car in the several lots that surround our facility. After ensuring that her work site was secured, she proceeded to assist the gentleman in identifying the differing parking lots helping him to locate his car.

Julie has taken on the additional role of being a patient safety coach, helping patients and others to maintain a safe environment of care. She keenly observes the environment of care, and is willing to identify and assist in the change of situations that are hazardous to her co-workers or patients. Additionally, recognizing a need for instructors for basic CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), she completed the instruction program and is eligible to train or retrain others in this life-saving activity.

In addition to her work roles, Julie has also recognized her home community’s need for immediate attention in times of crisis and completed EMS (emergency medical service) training. After becoming nationally certified, she began her service with the Colfax volunteer rescue squad, where she has cared for young and old alike. Julie’s immediate plans are to take an IV (intravenous) technician class to further broaden her skills as an EMS technician. Her long-term plans are to pursue a nursing degree when her children are of school age.