Licensed Practical Nurses/Licensed Vocational Nurses (LPNs/LVNs)

Grand Prize Winner - Christine Stepan, LPN
(HealthPartners, Woodbury, MN)
"LPN’s Selfless Volunteerism Provides Care to the Needy Throughout the World"
A selfless volunteer, Christine devotes her free time and personal resources to serve those in her community as well as needy people throughout the world. Over the years, her vacations have been dedicated to participating in medical missions to provide free medical care to underprivileged individuals in the Philippines and Mexico.
"She gives so freely of her time and resources, not expecting anything in return."
Nominated by: Kristin Fritze  
Christine is the most selfless caregiver I have ever met. She treats the patients with respect and concern. Christine spends her vacations helping the needy. She has gone to the Philippines on a medical mission to provide free medical care to the under-privileged. She travels to an island off the coast of Mexico with her own money again and volunteers her time and resources to the needy.
Her weekends might also be spent at the Simpson Homeless Shelter in Minneapolis, volunteering her medical knowledge and time to help in any way she can. Christine spends some weekends in Rochester at the transplant house in Rochester, Minn., volunteering her time answering phones, providing rides to the transplant patients and families or whatever is needed. She bakes whole meals for the shut-ins at her church and gathers clothing for the homeless. She never talks about all her volunteer time and often brings her teenage son to help. At work she has volunteered to help the large immigration of Hmong individuals that are coming to the state this year
She gives so freely of her time and resources, not expecting anything in return. She is a role model for all nurses in our organization. I truly feel she is deserving of this award. She puts the rest of us to shame.