Gina Thames, RN, MSN
University of Texas at Arlington


Gina Thames, RN, MSN

Clinical Instructor Gina Thames stops at nothing to produce great nurses.

Gina Thames, RN, MSN, rises long before the sun to make sure that her pharmacology lectures produce the best new nurses in Texas. If her students at the University of Texas at Arlington do well, they can mentor future pharmacology students through a program that Gina developed and that has generated higher student test scores. Starring in a pharmacology video series that she scripted and produced, Gina portrays the “Drug Fairy” – an alter ego that helps students apply theoretical concepts to clinical situations – donned in a wedding dress, tiara and lab coat.

In today's nursing shortage, who better to nominate than one who helps develop a competent, compassionate nurse that has critical-thinking skills.
- Mindi Anderson
Winner's Nomination

Gina Thames' nomination was submitted by Mindi Anderson, RN, clinical instructor, University of Texas at Arlington:

This nominee is a role model to nurses, students and her peers. She is currently employed at a local school of nursing and also practices as an acute care nurse practitioner. Students describe her as “always available.” She is innovative within her field. In 2002, she designed a website for her class in order for students to be able to access information at home. Students are able to email her, each other, post discussions, take quizzes, look up definitions, get peer mentoring, take sample tests, etc., all through her website. The nominee has also set up a successful peer-mentoring program for her class. She also has helped mentor new lead teachers in their roles, including myself. Due to being a role model, she was nominated for the coveted Provost Award this year at the University level.

She has many leadership qualities. Along with the above, the nominee is involved in many committees including: Secretary for Faculty Assembly, Co-Chair for Nominations Committee of Delta Theta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, and Student Affairs Committee. She was previously the President of the Greater Mid Cities Chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. The nominee is currently on a national workgroup, the Faculty Workgroup, for AACN.

Gina is a compassionate caregiver. She genuinely cares about her students, patients and peers. She strives to help her students succeed. The nominee models to her students how to care compassionately through clinical rotations.

She has made many significant contributions to the field of nursing. The nominee received grant money to produce vignettes to teach her students about pharmacology. She wrote and produced these vignettes in 2002. She also received a grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for a pharmacology mentoring program. She teaches continuing education classes for the Medical Center of Arlington and has reviewed several chapters for a hemodynamics textbook. The nominee has submitted three research proposals to AACN for a ventilator-associated pneumonia study.

Please consider this nominee for the Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award. She has been a true mentor, peer and friend. She has helped me through transitioning into a lead teacher role by always being there, giving suggestions and encouragement. In today's nursing shortage, who better to nominate than one who helps develop a competent, compassionate nurse that has critical-thinking skills.