Gloria Stowell, RN, CRRN
Gaylord Hospital
Wallingford, Connecticut

Gloria Stowell, RN, CRRN

Gloria Stowell overcomes cerebral palsy to provide hope for patients.

Born with cerebral palsy, Gloria Stowell, RN, CRRN, exudes strength, competence and compassion for patients, co-workers and physicians at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, Conn., where she has served longer than any other nurse. Having heard as a child that she could never be like everyone else, Gloria’s shining example as a nurse and a human being offers hope and proof for her patients with acquired brain injury that they can contribute to their families and to society, despite disability, with remarkable results.

I have never met a more dedicated, self-sacrificing, exceptional RN in my career. She is truly a Nursing Angel.
- Diane Miller          
Winner's Nomination

Gloria Stowell's nomation was submitted by Diane Miller, RN, Bristol, Connecticut:

Gloria Stowell is an exceptional RN. She has overcome cerebral palsy and has been an RN for over 25 years, most of that time with Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, CT. She is a team leader who always puts the needs of her patients first. She is always in early and stays late to help out shifts on both sides of her designated time to be at work. She is always smiling, always accommodating to all staff, doctors and especially the patients. Patient education is very important to her, especially in this rehab setting. She always makes sure that her patients and families are trained before discharge, alerting MDs, PT/OT/SP/RT and social services to problems with training in preparation to discharge. She goes out of her way to access information on the computer continually (on her own time) at home to aid the patients with their disabilities. She often needs to gain patient/family trust harder than others secondary to her disability and patient/family questions. She never falters, and patients/families love her and think she is "the best". In the two years that I worked with her she was a great mentor. She taught me many things about the rehab process and even volunteered herself for me to practice my IV insertion skills. Her abundant knowledge is shared with all staff. She attends team meetings weekly and is able to contribute many important issues without even needing to view the paperwork because she knows all of her patients by heart.

Many times she can be found spending her lunch break in the library accessing information on the Internet for her patients. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, and speech therapy look to her for important rehab nursing information daily. I cannot state one sacrifice, because each and every day Gloria gives 200% at her job and always with a smile. She even helps out the other team daily with admissions, MD orders, etc. Gloria has the dedication and energy of 5 nurses each and every day she comes to work. I truly miss working with her. I have never met a more dedicated, self-sacrificing, exceptional RN in my career. She is truly a Nursing Angel in all aspects. I am sure there is a place in heaven set aside for her. Her own disability has not hindered her in any way. She is a shining example to all rehab patients she encounters and inspires them to strive and work hard at rehab.